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Through our own FI and millionaire journeys, we have learned that nobody is self-made.

There is always someone that helps you get there.

We want that someone to not just be us, but a tribe of hungry individuals that are there with you every step of the way… to not only celebrate your wins but also brainstorm and support you when things get tough.

Passive income is cool and can be life changing but we also want you to be a millionaire in all areas of life… and this is what this mastermind will be all about

We are gonna challenge the norm!

Diego Corzo

Ward Mahoney

Roberto Green

Gaurav Dutta

Tiago Camilo

Diego Corzo

Dreamer • DACA Recipient • Investor • Realtor • Speaker • Coach

Diego Corzo is a sought-after Forbes Featured millennial entrepreneur living in Austin, TX. He started working in Corporate America and soon discovered that he was destined for more. After realizing that way wasn’t for him, Diego pursued a career in Real Estate.

Now, Diego is a realtor for Keller Williams along side an incredible team, and currently owns multiple properties, both in Texas and in Florida. Diego became financially free in just 3 years and aspires to help others, especially millennials and first generation immigrants, become financially free and reach their full potential.

Diego’s journey is why our community exists. He’s living proof that anyone can achieve the American Dream. His belief in the idea that “Your obstacle can be your biggest opportunity”, helps create an environment of endurance, perseverance, and grit that surrounds everything that Diego puts his hands to.

It’s no different in this community!

Diego has been featrued on:

Ward Mahoney

COO • Real Estate Investor • Adventurer

Ward bought his first property in his early 20’s and scaled to 5 properties within 2 years and became financially independent by the age of 26. He has done multi family deals, seller finance deals, co living and a mixture of MTR and LTR.

Ward is living proof that Diego and the FI community can help you become financially independent.

Roberto Green

Entrepreneur • Real Estate Investor • Mentor • World Traveler

Roberto’s a real estate investor with over 7 years of investment experience. Starting his journey with a two-family, he later went on to grow his portfolio to over 10 doors including long term rentals in Ohio and an Airbnb Villa in Puerto Rico.

Throughout the years Roberto has also been actively involved in wholesaling and flipping real estate.

Gurav Dutta

Entrepreneur • Real Estate Investor • Coach

Originally from Lucknow, India, Gaurav immigrated to the states to attend college and began investing right after graduation. It all started with a house hack while he worked at Tesla.

Now, Gaurav has amassed a portfolio of over 55 units and has done BRRRR’s, flips, multifamily investing and much more. The cool part is that he bought most of his portfolio through creative financing and raising private capital!

Tiago Camilo

Out-Of-State Investor • Real Estate Developer • Coach

Tiago, a Portuguese native, is a multifamily and deal analyzing genius. Tiago built his portfolio from 2 units to 60+ in less than 1 year. Tiago’s strengths are seller financing, multi-family deal analysis, and creative finance.

Tiago is also an endurance athlete having competed in a 100 mile marathon and multiple shorter events.

Our Network is Yours.

Being connected with our coaches means you also have the opportunity to glean and learn from our network of mentors, millionaires, investors, and entrepreneurs like:

Matt King

Casey Gregerson

Brandon Turner

Adam Carroll

Aaron West

Pascal Wagner

Cody Sanchez

Anton Zherelyev

To name a few!

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