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The community that will help you become a millionaire and achieve financial independence one rental at a time (The FI Investors Mastermind) now comes to you with our host Diego Corzo and Ward Mahoney to bring you value with The Fi Investors Podcast.

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Notable guests & friends:

Matt King

Casey Gregerson

Brandon Turner

Roberto Green Jr

And many more…

Legit FI Podcast

Finally I found a legit podcast about financial independence and building your own journey. They share their ups and downs and the community is incredible. Thank you guys for sharing your experiences

– Cari’s Journey

The Goat Diego

Very valuable information as always from the great Diego corzo. His willingness to help and transparency makes him one of a kind. God blessed you causa.

– Dreita09

Amazing Podcast

The content on this podcast is truly valuable. After listening, you will be inspired to take the next steps in your real estate investment journey.

– mdemery22

Great duo

Happy I found this podcast! I find that there’s a ton of value add in every episode – not just real estate jargon/fluff. Excited to see where it goes as it continues to grow.

– jj okocha 12

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