Success Stories

Hear from real people who started in a similar place as you…Look at what happened!

Dina' Story

"You helped me grow my network and helped me learn about different strategies in real estate."

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Paul's Story

"The best thing I ever did was attending the events you organized."

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Gaurav's Story

From Real Estate Rookie to $100k in 1 Deal & 50 doors within 2 years

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Monica's Story

Buying 2 out-of-state rentals as a full-time interior designer

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Haley's Story

How Haley went from 0 rentals to 29 units in less than 3 years

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How Brenna cash flows $4,500/m on one property.

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How Cristian scaled his portfolio from 3 to 100 units in less than 3 years.

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How Raúl acquired 40 units and 3 businesses within 3 years.

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Raul Martinez


“Diego’s coaching, guidance, & advice are always from the best place in the heart. My life has changed. That’s what Diego & this group has done for me. “

Monica Guerrero


“Being in a community that thinks like you and motivates you because of that. It’s also having coaches that know what they’re doing and can give you like feedback throughout the process especially when you’re stuck. I think that combination it’s just super helpful.”

Dante Guembes


“I was turned down by a lender because of my citizenship status (DACA). I found Diego on BiggerPockets & I called him & he helped me with it. He connected me with a couple of different people. It’s very important to step out & network with other people & have deeper conversation. “

Julio Monagas


“In joining his realtor team, you learn strategies and learn from different speakers. A lot of mindset shifting. The biggest think here is the networking. I prefer the one-on-one conversations with the members as you will get more details that way.”

Brenna Crowe


“When I found this group, it skyrocketed my potential & tossed me into going faster & smarter & be able to scale at a more high level. This whole community has totally changed the way I think about Real Estate Investing with being a Realtor & buy my own properties.”

Roberto Green


“I’ve been with Diego for over three years and I’ve seen a huge change in my life. Learning and taking action is one of the biggest takeaways that I’ve had with these masterminds.”

Anton Zherelyev


“The FI Investors Mastermind is an amazing environment to be in. Diego has a great relationship and great people. “

Michael Ohmstede


“Network is your net worth. It’s just nice to have a group like this that you can lean into. When I found this group, I ended up partnering with a couple of people, starting my consulting firm for new business, and now it’s just exploded over multiple years. I’ve relied on this group. A lot of people in it for guidance and helped me get to where I am today. “

Cristian Trujillo


“With and knowing the right people, is the key to be where you wanna be. “

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