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Fi Investors helps individuals achieve financial independence with proven rei systems, training, and a life-long community of likeminded go-getters.

Success Stories

Hear from real people who started in a similar place as you…Look at what happened!

Dina's Story

"You helped me grow my network and helped me learn about different strategies in real estate."

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Gaurav's Story

From Real Estate Rookie to $100k in 1 Deal & 50 doors within 2 years

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Monica's Story

Buying 2 out-of-state rentals as a full-time interior designer

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How Brenna cash flows $4,500/m on one property.

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How Cristian scaled his portfolio from 3 to 100 units in less than 3 years.

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How Raúl acquired 40 units and 3 businesses within 3 years.

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Raul Martinez


“Diego’s coaching, guidance, & advice are always from the best place in the heart. My life has changed. That’s what Diego & this group has done for me. “

Monica Guerrero


“Being in a community that thinks like you and motivates you because of that. It’s also having coaches that know what they’re doing and can give you like feedback throughout the process especially when you’re stuck. I think that combination it’s just super helpful.”

Dante Guembes


“I was turned down by a lender because of my citizenship status (DACA). I found Diego on BiggerPockets & I called him & he helped me with it. He connected me with a couple of different people. It’s very important to step out & network with other people & have deeper conversation. “

Julio Monagas


“In joining his realtor team, you learn strategies and learn from different speakers. A lot of mindset shifting. The biggest think here is the networking. I prefer the one-on-one conversations with the members as you will get more details that way.”

Brenna Crowe


“When I found this group, it skyrocketed my potential & tossed me into going faster & smarter & be able to scale at a more high level. This whole community has totally changed the way I think about Real Estate Investing with being a Realtor & buy my own properties.”

It all started with a dreamer...

Diego Corzo

From undocumented to financially independent in 3 years.

Diego is a Dreamer/DACA Recipient, Investor, Realtor, Speaker, Coach, and a sought-after Forbes featured millennial entrepreneur.

Diego aspires to help others, especially millennials and immigrants, become financially free and reach their full potential, just like he did.

Diego’s journey from immigrant to financial independence is the cornerstone of our community. The same tools, principles, knowledge, and mindset that made Diego who he is…can be applied to your story.

So what exactly is FI Investors

FI is a tight-knit community of grinders, go-getters, and immigrants.

Here's our 3 Pillar Scaling Process...


The Right
Action Plan in Place.

First, we need to define your specific roadmap to get you to your cashflow goal. We’ll have you fill out our scaling one-sheet, and then work backwards to get you to your cashflow goal as quickly as possible. 


The Right

We’re here to help you with every step of you’re scaling process. Our weekly calls help keep you accountable,  master scaling and analyzing your deals with you so you crush your goals. 


The Right

Being placed in an accountability pod has proven to keep members on track with their goals. Pods typically meet weekly. 

We’re different from other programs. We’re not here to sell you a dream and leave you hanging.

Inside, you’ll find honest, real action-takers who understand the struggles you’re facing… because we’ve faced them ourselves.

Our mission is simple: to create 100%ers.

We want you to achieve true (100%) financial independence and leave a legacy of opportunity and wealth for your family for generations, regardless of where you come from.

What You Will Learn:

What You Will Gain:

The short of it is…if you’re doing this alone, you won’t get to your full potential.

Juntos Prosperamos!

(Together, we thrive!)

Compounding Value

Here's what you'll unlock when you join the FI Investors Mastermind.

Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls

Live Zoom Calls Every week lead by Diego. We will answer all your questions on the topics of Money, Mindset & Real Estate

Monthly Millionaire Case Study

Interviews every month with a millionaire sharing their journey on how they went from 6 to 7 figures! Sharing their lessons learned!

Private Skool Community

Want to connect and ask quesions 24 / 7 to real estate investors?

We will have channels on different topics and help you every step of the way!

First Access to Mastermind Retreats

Want to connect with other investors? We will have 3 mastermind retreats in 2024!

Puerto Rico for sure!

How to buy your Next Property Course + More

30+ of recorded video content on how to buy investment properties.

More private courses coming soon!

Special Access to Investors Network

Not only will you get to connect with investors all over the US, but you will also get access to my connections on topics of: Investing, Asset Protection, LLCs, Life Insurance and more!

Accountability PODS

You will be placed in an accountability group so that you can share your goals and strategies

Live Deal Analysis

We will analyze deals that members are doing, going over best practices and even have the opportunity to invest together!

Calculators, Templates, checklists, and more

Access dozens of calculators, tools, spreadsheets, and templates. The same tools we’ve used to scale our portfolios. 

Quarterly CPA and Lender Q/A Calls

Live quartly calls with CPAs and lenders where you can ask questions, get answers and keep your finances on the right growth track!

+ So. Much. Value. +

Schedule a time to talk with our team on a strategy call to see if this group is right for you.

Listen to the Fi Investors Podcast

With your hosts Diego Corzo & Ward Mahoney

We believe in you!

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These are great starting points.

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Join Diego, Ward, and other entrepreneurs like you who are on-trajectory to change their family story and become financially independent.

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